Bunny love.

You're cute as fuck, you're band rules, and I want to eat all of your food. After seeing your "cyber bullies who love pop punk" post, I felt obligated to tell you that. Haha. ;-P

Well come hangout I’ll cook for you!

I find that your lyrics are really inspirational and influential and your music has helped me out a lot. I was wondering what the process of writing and creating the lyrics for Liferuiner is like?

It’s always different. I’m an incredibly empathetic person so there’s always human right issues that hit home. I just try to be honest and help educated any way I can.

Gosh you're so handsome!! My dream guy!

Why thank you!

Nip slip.

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Nip slip.

​Sunday by David Pike.

The alone feeling sinking back in.

Birthday portrait by David Pike

Don’t stop learning, never stop creating. Photo by: Chef Jonathan O’Callaghan

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Don’t stop learning, never stop creating. Photo by: Chef Jonathan O’Callaghan

I showed my friend your guys "Through The Eyes of" videos, and she said she sees a lot of me in you, or you in me, which ever way is the correct way to say. As in we share the same ideals and points of views on things, and I seriously shed a tear and hugged her because that's one of the greatest things anyone's told me before!

This means the most to me. Thank you so much

You are such a babe! With an amazing vocie! (:

Well thanks!

Too shy to say it not anon but man you're hot, I rubbed one out to your pics.

I am happy I can be something that being you enjoyment and fulfillment haha

I'm gay and I think you're quite handsome. I'd like to cuddle with you in a platonic way while we watch movies on the couch.

As long as John Cusak is starring in the movie I’m down!

You are a babe


Thanks for hugging me at groezrock! You guys rock!!!!

Of course! Thanks for hanging out!